Rocky Horror Show

Sjoe another delayed post.

A couple of friends and I went to watch Rocky Horror Show for a friend’s 30th birthday. I had seen the movie before and loved it.

My darling fiance got lost so I got there during the opening scene. It was so dark I was scared of actually falling over the rails. We had amazing seats. We were right at the top and right in front. We could see everything. The Fugard Theatre is amazing. The decor and the run down look. I just loved it.

Ok firstly. Omg were we entertained! The men were delicious. And the cast are so talented. They had interaction packs where you could throw streamers during wedding scenes and cards at the end. The lights and stage set up was amazing and just kept me enthralled.

A couple of us dressed up and it was just a lot of fun. Franken Furter took photos with everybody. He was just hilarious. A lot of crowd participation and very off colour.




I totally plan on taking my little sister with next time. Both of us dressing up 😀

You can read another review at my friend Lauren’s blog Lipglossed Ninja


Christmas Wine Tasting Tour


Yesterday I went on a wine tasting tour with a friend from Belly Dance. It was the first time I’d gone on a wine tasting tour and I had no idea what to expect.

Well it was fantastic. Other than tasting a whole lot of wines, I got an idea of the kinds of wine I personally like and don’t like, how to identify them, smell them, taste them and of course with chronic sinus issues I only really just smelt alcohol but hey, It was amazing!

I met amazing people that I normally wouldn’t have had a chance to meet.

We went to Boland Cellars, Landskroon and Ruiterslvei. Needless to say I got very tipsy and I really should have learnt to use the bucket and not finish every glass but waste not want not 😉 I learnt that I love ports and dessert wines and I am thinking of so many reasons to keep attending these at least every 2nd month.

We had an amazing lunch at Ruitersvlei afterwards and a really fun gift swapping under the christmas tree

Now for the important part. None of this would have been possible if it had not been for Tania Hoffmann, the lady who arranged and organised everything. She not only arranged the tours and the superb Christmas Lunch we had at Ruitersvlei at the end of the day, but also kept track of the two buses and had to continuously keep tabs of all the people in her bus and keep them from getting too unruly.

If anyone would like to book a future wine tasting, please contact Tania on 083 478 3042



Chocolate and Candy Expo


So this week we attended the Chocolate and Candy Expo at the CTICC. It was a bit of a let down.

The queues wrapped around the CTICC from front to back. My friend and I were in that queue for 45 minutes!
So at this point we see people coming in and out with boxes and start thinking ok cool, it must be decent inside. Yeah, no it wasn’t. It looked like the inside of any bakery. Nothing super fancy or exotic. No chocolate! And the worst thing was that they ran out of goodie bags!! Which is just plain unforgivable!!

However on the plus side I did find interesting ways to present the cupcakes for our wedding so there’s one and possibly the only  bonus

Styrofoam ball with cupcakes skewered in place



The queues


One last presentation