A quick hello to get this thing started already and stop putting it off.

I’m a 28 year old youngster who doesn’t really want to end her twenties.
I’m getting married in March 2014 and I do adore my ideas and plans at the moment.
I love working with my nails and makeup and hair and lately I’ve actually started paying attention to the fact that I’d like to not have wrinkles!
I love playing pc games and have recently upgraded to first person shooter games with RPG elements. I am absolutely in love with Corvo from Dishonored!
I do belly dance, even though I’m a little out of practice from life getting in the way
Hmmm what else? I watch a lot of tv and read. A LOT.
I’m a nerd and quite happy about it

That’s 5 things you can expect at right now. I’ll work on more at some point


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