Delish Box

I take part in something called the Delish Box every 2 months. It’s fantastic. Basically you get paired with another lady inside SA and you buy makeup and beauty gifts totalling R200 for each other. Everyone gets a form to fill in so that you don’t get things you wouldn’t use or like. Because who likes to get things they don’t actually like? I have personally found it fantastic purely because I found better ways to manage my laziness regarding my skin care routine and I got things I wouldn’t normally have thought to try out.

The Delish Box is the brainchild of Lauren and you can find her page here

In her own words, here’s some info regarding the Delish Box

About Delish Box

The Delish Box was started out of the envy of the Bandwagon Box and the dislike of other beauty boxes out there who didn’t cater for the person receiving the box. With so many awesome responses from ladies via Twitter and my blog to participate in the Delish Box I feel as though there need to be a few “ground rules” without ruining the fun.

Should you wish to participate you need to commit to your participation.

Each lady will be given the name of another lady (somewhere in South Africa) to purchase for. The total spend of the box (including postage and packaging) should not be less than R200.00, if you feel that you would like to spend a little bit extra on the lady you are buying for then that is your prerogative, but please, try not to go less than that as it will not be fair to the other participants.

The Delish Box will run every 2 months so there will be 6 boxes per annum.

When do we start?

The first box is due at the end of October and then every second month thereafter. Please can you ensure that your box is sent out before the end of the month to reach your lady by the first week of the new month?

Who is participating in the Delish Box?

I will update this section once I have confirmations from those who wish to participate. Please can you advise me as soon as possible to ensure that there is space for you for this month’s Delish Box.

In Closing…

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries/thoughts/complaints,


Twitter: @Lauren_RSA
Facebook: Lipglossed Ninja Blog


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