The First Post for the New Year

So I haven’t been super conscientious about keeping this updated since the New Year began… and I am now starting to write a couple of blog posts while we drive to meet the caterers for our wedding venue in Stellenbosch.

Life has been busy. We started going back to gym and eating healthy. Which means NO SUGAR. So I’ve had to be really strict with myself because I am really really addicted to sugary products.

My diet has consisted of rice cakes, cracker bread, fish paste, homemade fruit juice which is beyond amazing even if I do say so myself. Lots of fresh veggies and tuna. I’ve been trying hard (for me) for our wedding which is coming up quite soon at the end of March.

Most of our wedding invites are out with maybe 4 invites that must still be delivered. And of course I asked my darling fiancé to give them over…. And surprise it’s not yet done. I’ve had nightmares that on the day of our wedding I realise I hadn’t sent the invites out and have no guests attending!

I stopped reading over the holidays and I really missed it. I am a major bookworm and I love reading. I’ll read the back of a shampoo bottle if I’ve got nothing else to read and I’m bored enough.

I’ve just started the last book of Charlaine Harris‘s Harper Connelly series. It’s only a 4 book series and while it’s not as good as the Sookie Stackhouse series, it is still a really entertaining read. It follows a woman named… Harper Connelly (duh) who gets hit by lightning at 15 and is suddenly able to detect corpses as well as the method in which they died. Further plot twist … her older sister went missing and it haunts her as she’s never found the sister’s body. Now Charlaine Harris is a mystery novel writer and that pulls through to this series. I won’t give a full synopsis on the books just in case you’d like to read them for yourselves. Charlaine Harris has an amazing way of writing and I always get caught up in the lives of her characters. I still have a massive crush on Eric the Viking vampire from the Sookie Stackhouse novels… and I actually own the Sookie Stackhouse bookset with the exception of the last two or three books which is purely because I’ve been struggling to get them. Next I plan on owning the full True Blood series… in BLU-RAY 😉

Another of my favourite writers is PC Cast and I’m going to start rereading her books. Her writing gets me fully engrossed that I’m always sad to finish a book. Her stories are detailed and colourful and she tends to show an in-depth knowledge of the worlds and times she uses in the different universes of her novels and you can see she’s researched the stuffing out of her subject matter. As soon as I’ve finished one of her books I’ll be sure to put up a post here.

Next on the list is to finally finish Minerva’s Den, which is the DLC for Bioshock 2. (J just went over a massive bump in the road and I misspelled all my words *grrrrr*) I enjoyed Bioshock Infinite but I confess I could have played it better and put more effort into it. I did find the story unbelievably confusing and I just didn’t get the ending. I’ve been playing the Bioshock series in reverse. I started with Infinite, finished Bioshock 2 and will later try the first Bioshock.

And then oooh my favourite ultimate game… DISHONORED. J bought me the edition of the year and it had all these amazing extras in them so I am going to be replaying that game. I absolutely love Corvo and if ever I went and did a cosplay it would be Corvo in female form. That man is beyond sexy. Both my darling fiancé and Corvo 😉

Ok that’s it for now… still got a couple of beauty product reviews… Ooh RubyBox wait to be burned *growl*