Dog Quotes

A very dear friend sent this to me and I thought it was beyond gorgeous


My Pets (Babies)

I love my animals. I really do. I love animals so much that I’d rather spend my time loving them than having kids.

That being said. they drive me mad. MAD.

I need to take leave to get away from them. I can’t do anything without them getting under my feet constantly. Or taking over my pillow whenever I get up.  But I do love them.

I have two dogs, a cat and two fish.

My dogs are Zoe and Zane, a Pomeranian mix and a Jack Russell respectively

Taking over my pillow again

Taking over my pillow again

Trying to manipulate us and achieving success

Trying to manipulate us and achieving success

My cat is Cleo and she’s some weird gutter cat my mom saved from her work. She doesn’t love us at all. We are really only here for her convenience and she’s only here to inconvenience us. As can be evidenced by this picture of her taking over my mouse pad and stopping me from using my pc.


And then I got two goldfish, Corvo and Emily (No, I named them not my fiance), they’re the newest additions to our household. We can’t have anymore cats as Cleo has Feline Leukaemia and it’s contagious so no new cats until she passes on

Emily is hiding

Emily is hiding

I got gooey over goldfish. I am disgusted with myself.

All 3 all cosy